Espadrilles for Girls

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1 product

Discover Mwani Store's Handmade Capulana Espadrilles

Discover our new collection of handmade capulana espadrilles, available exclusively at Mwani Store. Each pair of espadrilles is carefully made in our atelier, using the vibrant and culturally rich capulana, an emblematic fabric of Mozambique.

Our espadrilles are the result of meticulous work, where every detail is thought out to provide comfort, durability and a unique design. The artisanal technique used transforms each piece into a true work of art.

Capulana: A Symbol of Culture and Identity
Capulana is much more than a fabric – it is an expression of identity and culture. Each pattern and color tells a story, reflecting the richness and diversity of Mozambican tradition.

Comfort and Style
In addition to their unique beauty, our espadrilles offer unparalleled comfort. Made with high quality materials, they are perfect for any occasion. The versatile design easily matches different styles, making them an essential accessory in your wardrobe.

Sustainability and Social Responsibility
At Mwani Store, we believe in the importance of sustainability and social responsibility. Therefore, all of our espadrilles are produced using ecological and ethical practices.