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59 products

Scrunchies in Capulana from Mwani Store

Transform your style with Mwani Store's exclusive scrunchies.

Our scrunchies are handmade with capulana, a traditional African fabric that brings vibrant colors and unique patterns to your everyday life. They are the perfect combination of fashion, comfort and authenticity.

What makes our Scrunchies special?

Mwani Store scrunchies are not just ordinary hair accessories. Each piece is carefully handcrafted, ensuring quality and durability. The capulana used is selected for its durability and the patterns are carefully chosen and cut so that the pattern stands out.

High Quality Material: Capulana is a 100% Cotton fabric with Premium quality.

Extreme Comfort: Soft elastic that does not damage or mark your hair.

Unique Style: Patterns and colors that match your style.

Advantages of Scrunchies made in Capulana

Wearing a capulana scrunchie is visually appealing, our scrunchies also offer functional benefits such as:

Hair Protection: Scrunchies are softer than common elastics, avoiding marking and damaging your hair.

Versatility: Perfect for any type of hairstyle – buns, ponytails, braids and others.

Incomparable Style: Capulana adds a touch of elegance and color to any look.