Bandanas for Pets

8 products

8 products


Elastic and adjustable, the bandanas are an accessory full of color and personality for your best friend.
Match them to your style!
Washable and practical.

When your four-legged friend wears one, style is guaranteed. Dressing your pet's neck, this canine fashion accessory allows you to show your fun side, without embarrassing him in the slightest!
You can put a bandana on your dog in everyday life, but also for parties and other small and large occasions.
It's impossible for your dog to go unnoticed!
A bandana can help identify dogs from afar, which can be useful in some situations.
Available in two sizes to easily adjust and create all the comfort you need.

At Mwani Store, each piece is carefully crafted from high-quality capulanas, capturing the vibrant essence and distinctive patterns of capulana.

Available in multiple styles, we have a variety of options to suit every need.

Modern and Versatile Designs:
Our Bandanas collection features a variety of options with different patterns so you can find the perfect model for you;

We produce by hand with ethics. Choosing to buy artisanal and ethically made pieces means choosing handmade, on a small scale, reducing large-scale production that consumes more natural resources and generates more waste;

Variety of Patterns:
Choose from the different patterns available, you can also contact us to choose a pattern according to your style.