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43 products


If you're looking for charismatic and colorful accessories for your pet's everyday life, Mwani Store has exactly what you need. Our capulana pet accessories are the perfect combination of beauty, functionality and color. Discover all the exclusive, handcrafted products in our studio that will transform your pet's routine.

Why Choose Capulana for your Pet?

Capulana is a traditional African fabric, known for its vibrant colors and unique patterns. When choosing capulana accessories for your pet, you are choosing unique and exclusive pieces that are highly durable. Each piece is carefully crafted to ensure comfort and durability, making it a perfect choice for pets of all breeds and sizes.

Variety of Products in Capulana

At Mwani Store, we offer a wide range of pet accessories in capulana, including:

Collars and Leashes: Made with resistant materials and capulana finishes, our collars and leashes are perfect for daily walks, offering safety and style.

Bandanas and Scarves: Add a touch of color to your pet's look with our capulana bandanas and scarves, available in various patterns and sizes and can even be personalized with their name.

Seat Belts: Perfect for car trips, with a universal adapter they will make car trips more fun and safe.

Toys: Capulana bone toys are visually attractive, but also safe and guarantee hours of fun for your pet.

Benefits of Accessories in Capulana

Unique Style: Each accessory is a unique piece, with the varied and colorful patterns of the capulanas. Your pet will stand out with an exclusive and colorful look.

Comfort and Quality: Capulana is a soft, comfortable and breathable fabric, ideal for accessories that are in direct contact with your pet. Furthermore, it is resistant and easy to clean, ensuring durability.

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Transform your pet's life with our capulana accessories. Explore the full collection at Mwani Store and find the perfect products that combine style, color and comfort. Take advantage of our exclusive offers and fast delivery to ensure your pet has the best style and comfort.