Beach Towels

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3 products

Discover the Elegance and Versatility of Beach Towels with Capulana

Our capulana beach towels are handmade with great care and attention to detail. Each piece is unique, reflecting our passion for craftsmanship.

Our Beach Towels

Unique and Colorful Design

Our beach towels are made with capulana details, known for its bright colors and unique patterns. Each towel is a work of art.

Comfort and Quality

Made with high quality fabrics, our beach towels are soft and absorbent. They provide maximum comfort, whether drying off after a swim or lying in the sun.


Our capulana beach towels are perfect for many occasions. Use them at the beach, at the pool, on picnics or even as a stylish throw for relaxing outdoors.

Why Choose Our Beach Towels in Capulana?

Handmade with Love

Each towel is made in our atelier, where we pay special attention to detail and high quality. We believe in the importance of artisanal work and the preservation of traditional techniques.

Quality and Durability
We use quality materials, ensuring that our towels are not only beautiful, but also comfortable.

Our beach towels are unique, so you have an exclusive piece that you won't find again. Each product tells a story and reflects creativity and personality.