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13 products

Gloves with Capulana details: Style and Personality in Your Hands

Our collection of capulana gloves is the perfect combination of style, comfort and personality. Handmade with capulana details.

Main Features:
Exclusive Design: Each pair of gloves is made with care, ensuring that each piece is unique. The capulana's vibrant and colorful patterns are carefully selected to reflect the colors and patterns of the capulanas.

Comfort and Functionality: In addition to being visually stunning, our gloves are created to offer maximum comfort and practicality. Perfect for daily use, they keep your hands warm without compromising mobility.

Sustainability: We produce by hand ethically. Choosing to buy artisanal and ethically made pieces means choosing handmade, on a small scale, reducing large-scale production that consumes more natural resources and generates more waste;