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28 products

Capulana Hair Clips

Add a touch of color and style to your hairstyles with our exclusive collection of capulana hair clips. Perfect for any occasion, these accessories are handmade with capulana.

Main Features:

High Quality Materials: Made with capulana, our hair clips are durable and full of joy.

Unique Design: Each hairpin is unique, with vibrant patterns and colors that highlight your individuality.

Versatility: Perfect for all hair types and styles, from casual hairstyles to more sophisticated looks.

Easy to Use: Our hair clips are simple to put on and stay put, ensuring all-day comfort.

Handmade: Each piece is handcrafted, ensuring attention to detail and high quality.

Reasons to Choose our Hair Clips in Capulana

Our capulana hairpins are more than just accessories, they are a celebration in every detail. Each hook is carefully crafted to offer not only beauty but also practicality. By choosing our products, you are supporting local art and crafts, promoting sustainability.

How to use:

Everyday: Add a touch of color to your hairstyle, keeping your hair looking charming.

For Special Events: Use our hooks to complete a sophisticated look, perfect for parties and events.

For Children: For children's hairstyles, adding a fun and colorful touch.