Eyeglass Straps

12 products

12 products

Style and protection: Discover our eyeglass straps full of personality:

Hang your glasses in style!
Mwani Store's Glasses Straps are the coolest way to wear your glasses! The fusion between functionality and style that provides the safety of your glasses and complements it with a touch of style that can match your look.

Reasons to choose our glasses straps:

Modern and Versatile Designs: Our collection of glasses straps features a variety of options with different patterns so you can find the perfect strap for your everyday life;
Safety: Handcrafted with capulana to last and ensure safety, always keeping your glasses accessible and protecting them from accidental falls.
Variety of Patterns: Choose from the different patterns available, you can also contact us to choose a pattern according to your style.
Comfort and Durability: In addition to style, our ribbons are designed to provide comfort, without compromising durability, guaranteeing a comfortable experience full of personality.
Elegance that accompanies your look:
Always keep your glasses safe and stylish. A fusion to reflect your unique personality.