Seat belts for dogs are a kind of adjustable leash, with a carabiner that allows you to hold the animal through the chest or leash at one end and, at the other, a buckle that attaches to the car seat belt slot.


The use of the chest harness is recommended because it reduces mobility, prevents strangulation, stabilizes the spine and limits rotation in the event of an impact.


Using the seat belt is very simple, you just need to follow these steps:


  • Place the harness/collar on the animal, then use the carabiner to secure it;
  • Use the universal metal buckle on the other end to attach to the seat belt.
  • Your traveling companion will have a comfortable ride in a clearly safe space.

Some animals get used to the seat belt very quickly, others take a little longer.


If this is the case with your dog, you can help him, in the same way you helped him to wear a collar when he was little, by following these steps:


Before putting him in the car, let him wear his seat belt at home for short periods of time. As you get used to it, you can take it by car on a short walk.


In a short time your dog will get used to it, associating its use with the usual car ride with the owner.

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