Anyone who knows Mwani Store knows how important sustainability is to us.
The production of packaging itself requires energy and raw materials. There are cases where production generates harmful by-products and pollution. Paper is an example of a material with a high environmental cost of manufacturing. Its raw material is reforested wood, its production uses aggressive chemicals and consumes energy.
In addition to ecological problems, have you ever thought about the impact of packaging on the Environment and how much this means for the sustainability of a company? Wouldn't it make more sense in a country rich in natural resources and beauty to reduce the exuberance of packaging that goes to waste in exchange for a price reduction?
We reuse packaging with the aim of reducing waste and energy consumption in the production of new packaging. New boxes add cost to the product and are yet another waste to be discarded. For Mwani Store, the main function of packaging is to preserve and protect the product during shipping.
Always remember the 5R’s Policy:
Reduce – reduce the amount of waste produced, wasting less and consuming only what is necessary.
Reuse – save materials that can be put to new use.
Recover – find degraded materials and reuse them.
Renew – reinvent materials, repair them.
Recycle – transform materials into new products or raw materials in order to reduce the amount of waste eliminated.
We hope this publication is a reflection for everyone.
How are your consumption habits and what is the socio-environmental responsibility of the last companies you purchased something from?
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