It was, in a way, this question that led us about 5 years ago to begin this journey.
On this journey, a fashion producer full of creativity and a financial consultant met and began a journey full of surprises, challenges and opportunities on various levels.
Our main mission, from day one until today, is the deconstruction of social concepts, such as: “What are capulanas?”; “They are very hard fabrics”; “Does this wash?); “They are very colorful”; “I don’t know if it suits me”; “I don’t have clothes that match so many colors”, perfectly adapting to the famous expression used in times past to describe what people felt when they tried the famous Coca-Cola soft drink “First it surprises you and then it sinks in” and After these years, we can say that at this stage we are in the process of “entering”.
We say this because, over the years, we have observed that customers who, in the first interaction they had with our products, immediately said “They are hard”; “Does it have quality?”; and they surrendered after the first purchase when they realized that the raw material is of high quality, durable and with a different design, nowadays turning more and more to our products when they want to offer a unique gift full of personality.
If doubts existed at the beginning, today they no longer exist, we do not sell African products, we sell exclusive products, with their own identity resulting from a fusion of experiences lived over two different lives, with origins in different latitudes, which mixes classic and avant-garde cutting lines. , which fit women, men, children, home decor and even our pets.
Essentially we share emotions, yes, Emotions! With those men and women who were once in warmer geographies and closer to the equator, where people dressed colorfully and cheerfully, or with those uncomplicated young people, who embarked on the joy of colors, whether with a shy colorful note or on an adventure with a strong and bold personality.

After these 5 years, we have overcome several challenges and can respond to people who, whenever we went to fairs, asked: “Do you have physical space? Where is it?”, yes we have a physical space, located in the Municipality of Palmela, at R. Ary dos Santos 8, 2955-154 Pinhal Novo, with open arms to welcome you. A website with several categories and more than 1,200 products, full of personality, social networks with daily interactions and an ever-growing universe of customers, who find in us differentiation and personalization in the treatment they receive, when they come to us, to whom We thank you for embarking on this journey with us, which only the future will show your destination, but we assure you that it will be full of news, innovation, surprise, identity and lots of inspiration in colors.


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