Today we are going to share with you the Artisan behind each product.
All capulanas come from Mozambique and are processed in Portugal.
With your support we managed to grow and with the requests we receive, we create new products and we always have different standards for all personalities.
As you already know, the idea came about, the project became something more solid and today we want you to meet Andreia Fortuna, our artisan.
Andreia is a 25-year-old artisan, who has shown creative skills since her childhood.
At the age of 16, he took a professional Pre Print course, where he learned to work with some tools linked to digital design.
After completing the Pre-Print course, he joined the Lisbon Fashion School where for three years he was a student in the Fashion Coordination and Production course. It was at that time that everything started to make sense and she finally discovered what she did professionally.
Mwani was created and driven in part by the "pet" that our artisan had and which made her think of a solution that would bring her the happiness of being able to continue to develop and stimulate her creative side and at the same time create artistic trends where she could help other people to find the way to their dreams.
Andreia is responsible for the entire creative part of the brand, from the design and projection of the product to the manufacture of the products and also the entire graphic part.
Each Mwani product is handcrafted with great care and attention to detail.
We cannot fail to thank you for helping us to continue all this work and believe me, these are still the first steps.


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  • Filipa Sousa

    Parabéns Andreia! Adoro a marca, os produtos e todo o trabalho!

  • Vitor Seno

    Parabéns! Todo o trabalho é incrível!

  • Eduarda Brito

    A Andreia é uma excelente profissional! Parabéns por este projeto e muito sucesso!!!!

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