Washing a capulana (or any similar fabric) requires some care to preserve its vibrant colors and patterns. These are some general tips for washing a capulana:
1. Check the care instructions: Before washing your capulana, check for care labels sewn into the fabric. They may contain specific information about how to wash the fabric. Follow these instructions if available.
2. Wash by hand or machine: Most capulanas can be washed by hand or in a washing machine. However, hand washing is gentler on the fabric and can help preserve colors longer. Use cool or warm water, not hot water, to avoid fading. If washing in the machine, which is always more practical, use color protection wipes available in all supermarkets.
3. Use a mild detergent: Choose a mild detergent that is suitable for colored clothes. Avoid using bleachers or aggressive chemicals that can fade colors.
4. Turn the capulana inside out: Turn the capulana inside out before washing. Helps protect patterns and colors from direct exposure to water and soap.
5. Wash separately: If you wash the capulana in the machine, make sure that it does not mix with clothes of different colors, as it may dye. Wash it separately or with other clothes of similar colors. We recommend using color protection wipes which are available in all supermarkets.
6. Drying: To dry the capulana, lay it out on a flat surface or hang it on a drying rack in the shade. Avoid direct exposure to the sun, as intense sunlight can fade colors. Avoid drying machines as much as possible, as the intense heat can damage the fabric.
7. Ironing: We recommend a low or medium iron temperature. Iron on the wrong side to prolong the life of the patterns and colors.
Careful treatment can extend the life of the capulana and maintain its vibrant appearance.
Keep in mind that specific instructions may vary depending on the type of fabric and brand of capulana, check the care labels if available.

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