It's already a drama to choose the best option and we still find it difficult to find the right ribbon for our baby's pacifier?
To choose the best tape for your baby's pacifier, you need to consider several factors to ensure your child's safety and comfort.
We know that pacifier straps are very important and that's why we don't want it to be a problem!
Here are some of the reasons why buying a ribbon from Mwani Store is the right decision:

1. Safe material: The capulanas chosen for the ribbons are 100% cotton. More resistant and with greater durability. The colors of capulanas last much longer than conventional fabrics.

2. Appropriate size: Our ribbons can be tailored to your baby's needs, we help you choose a ribbon that is the right size for your baby's neck. The tape should not be too tight or too loose. It must allow enough space for movement and comfort.

3. Secure fixing: Our tapes have several options for secure fixing mechanisms. You can choose velcro, snap button, hook or ribbon closure. It is important that it is difficult for the baby to open or release the tape, but at the same time it is easy for caregivers to open.

4. Easy to clean: The capulana is easy to clean. The tape will be in contact with the baby's mouth, so washing the tape regularly is essential.

5. Attractive design: Mwani Store always has a solution and depending on the design of the pacifier, we make the most appropriate design so that the baby has maximum comfort and practicality. Get in touch with us because we have the solution and you can even personalize it with your name!

6. Durability: Capulana has the particularity of being very resistant and with above average durability, it is also very resistant to wear.

7. Adequate supervision: Remember that regardless of the strap chosen, adequate supervision is essential whenever your baby is using the pacifier attached to the strap. Never leave the baby alone with the pacifier attached to the strap, to avoid the risk of suffocation or strangulation.


Remember that your baby's safety is yours and our priority.

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