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Our Scrunchies are a complement that will give a special touch to your hairstyle.

They are suitable for all hair types and ages and can be used in ponytails, simple or more elaborate buns, braids, among other options.

Capulanas have the particularity of making us happy and that's why all patterns match all styles.

The scrunchies don't tighten as much as the common elastic bands and for that reason it doesn't allow you to have headaches at the roots of your hair.

Mwani knows that the small details are what make the difference, which is why it creates products that make the difference.

Our pieces are created based on sustainability and our production is limited edition.



Material: Capulana

Elastic size: 17 cm

Made in Portugal

* The products are made by hand, it is possible that the pattern alignment is different.

* The color of the product may vary depending on the configuration of the computer, tablet or mobile phone you are using.



Delivery time from 1 to 6 working days. 

To exchange or return a product, you have 15 working days to do so.

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